LibreOffice SDK on Windows

dinosaurclover ianrye at
Sat Jul 20 11:00:55 PDT 2013

I want to command LO to open documents and save them in different formats. I
thought I might try to use this stuff - it might be quicker than using the
command line switches. I tried your approach and didn't even get as far as
sdk/bin/cppumaker : init registries failed, check your registry files.
mingw32-make: ***
[c:/libreoffice4.0_sdk/WINexample.out/misc/oosdk_cpp_types.flag] Error 99
Do you ever wonder why we even bother to try to jump through these hoops.
I have decided not to bother.
Without a doubt, LO is a brilliant set of programs but I would be ashamed to
provide a SDK that is this complicated to start using.

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