[GSOC] Implementing Table Styles - Status update

Alex Ivan alexnivan at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 21 09:53:23 PDT 2013

Hello everybody,

Sorry for not updating weekly, but I would have preferred to have some
important progress to report before actually writing about it.

Anyway, here's what's been done so far:
- Format information has been transferred from the AutoFormat classes to the
TableFormat classes;
- Most of the relevant methods associated with the AutoFormat classes have
been adapted;
- InsertTable and TextToTable methods have been modified so that the format,
if provided, is not directly applied to the table, but only associated with
it, so that the properties can be easily obtained at render time;
- Modified Get/SetTableAutoFormat methods in similar manner to the above;
- Made significant progress in understanding the current undo mechanism for
modifying table styles and attempted to modify it.
- Looked a bit into the way Frame classes work.

Plans for this week:
- Finish work on undo;
- Hack on the rendering of the table properties;

Also, @Cedric, I have a question regarding the first patch file you sent me.
In source/ui/table/tautofmt.cxx, you modified a member of the AutoFmtPreview
class from a SwTableAutoFmt to a pointer to such an object and initialized
it to NULL. Could you share how you envisioned that to work out in the end?
I know it is a bit early to get to the UI side since there are still things
to be done on the core side, but currently this prevents the autoformat
window from loading and is making it difficult to test some of the latest
changes. I've tried to work around this, but it's proving somewhat tricky,
so I thought it would be better to ask.


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