How to know the current viewed page and line in writer

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I looked into fdo#40465, but could not find any code snippets or something
similar i could integrate in my code.
Moreover, using XRays, i saw that getViewData returns the location and size
of the window, with respect to the desktop, and not the relative location
of the viewer, with respect to the document. The view data remains as is,
no matter which portion of the document i view. Moreover, the ZoomFactor
shows incorrect values, a fact which may be related with fro#40465.

Still, it is a fact, LibreOffice knows which portions of the document to
So what component holds this data, and is it reachable via UNO?
If it is not reachable through UNO, what is the "closest component" which
is reachable through UNO, so that we could extend its UNO support, so to
provide us this data?

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> Hi Ptyl,****
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> Bug fdo#40465 may give you (some) information you seek. There appears to
> be a problem in correctly calculating/getting the page in the viewer.****
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> HTH,****
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> Winfried****
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