issue 67093: mix between Title and Header in various l10n

Christian Lohmaier lohmaier+libreoffice at
Mon Jul 22 12:39:25 PDT 2013

Hi Sophie, *,

On Mon, Jul 22, 2013 at 4:47 PM, Sophie <gautier.sophie at> wrote:
> I've seen this patch
> correcting this issue for French
> But much more locale than French seems to be affected from the tests made by
> the FR team (PT, RU, IT, SP, CN...)

I did some grepping and applied some old translations from the time of
the 4.1 branch where the translations did differ between the two.

(13 languages) - but still 23 remain with the problem.

> The issue here is that data are lost because the style structure is
> modified.
> Has it been modified also for the other languages, or should I send a head
> up on the l10n list?

after the fix for french and
, the following languages still have the problem:

*/sw/source/ui/utlui.po |grep msgstr | uniq -d
be/sw/source/ui/utlui.po-msgstr "Загаловак"
bn-IN/sw/source/ui/utlui.po-msgstr "শিরোনাম"
bn/sw/source/ui/utlui.po-msgstr "শিরোনাম"
bo/sw/source/ui/utlui.po-msgstr "ཁ་བྱང་།"
bs/sw/source/ui/utlui.po-msgstr "Naslov"
hi/sw/source/ui/utlui.po-msgstr "शीर्षक"
hr/sw/source/ui/utlui.po-msgstr "Naslov"
id/sw/source/ui/utlui.po-msgstr "Judul"
kok/sw/source/ui/utlui.po-msgstr "मथळो"
ko/sw/source/ui/utlui.po-msgstr "제목"
mai/sw/source/ui/utlui.po-msgstr "शीर्षक"
mni/sw/source/ui/utlui.po-msgstr "মিংথোল"
mn/sw/source/ui/utlui.po-msgstr "Гарчиг"
my/sw/source/ui/utlui.po-msgstr "ခေါင်းစဉ်"
ne/sw/source/ui/utlui.po-msgstr "शीर्षक"
nn/sw/source/ui/utlui.po-msgstr "Overskrift"
oc/sw/source/ui/utlui.po-msgstr "Títol"
om/sw/source/ui/utlui.po-msgstr "Mataduree"
or/sw/source/ui/utlui.po-msgstr "ଶୀର୍ଷକ"
sa-IN/sw/source/ui/utlui.po-msgstr "शीर्षकः"
sid/sw/source/ui/utlui.po-msgstr "Umo"
tg/sw/source/ui/utlui.po-msgstr "Сарлавҳа"
ug/sw/source/ui/utlui.po-msgstr "ماۋزۇ"

kl and ky don't have a translation. So that leaves 23 languages where
the strings are the same.

List of languages:

be bn-IN bn bo bs hi hr id kok ko mai mni mn my ne nn oc om or sa-IN sid tg ug


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