Updates about Enhanced Database Ranges.

Akash Shetye shetyeakash at gmail.com
Wed Jul 24 13:09:05 PDT 2013

I have completed the table style export to OOXML just yesterday however the
code needs a lot of ironing out.

About exporting the tables to open document format. The tables created in
excel are available in the xlsx zip at /tables/table#.xml where # is the
number of the table defined in excel so if you define 4 tables., you will
have 4 xml files in there one each.

This data is parsed and successfully imported into calc. I spoke with
markus some time ago about exporting table styles to open document. He
mentioned writing a rfc or something later on for that so that is on hold.

The export to excel of these db ranges will be done only for those db
ranges that use any table formatting. This should not be that difficult, I
realised that this only involves searching through the ScDBData collection
and identifying the ranges that have formatting and writing the xml for
them in /tables/..

Even if db ranges are stored as expressions or anything in calc, they will
be easily exportable to excel. I think we will not have to worry about
that. Once thats done full excel support for table styles will be achieved.

I will push that soon.
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