GSOC weekly report - Code completition in Basic IDE

Gergő Mocsi gmocsi91 at
Mon Jul 29 03:15:40 PDT 2013

Hi all,
this is my weekly report of GSOC activity. This week, I've made a lot of
modifiations to the feature. First, I've made a menu entry to
enable/disable code completition. It is located under View -> Code
Completition. Originally, it was a checkbox, but later I've changet it to
open a ModalDialog, to show the menu options for code completition. I've
started to implement also other features: autoclose parenthesis, autoclose
double quotes( strings ), and autoclose functions/procedures. Also I've
recoded the cache implementation, and I've put the global variables
separately: first, global variables were stored under a special key
(GLOB_KEY, a static const OUString ), but with this implementation, it is
not needed.
You can check my work here:
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