deb creation failure with --enable-headless in git master

Riccardo Magliocchetti riccardo.magliocchetti at
Wed Jul 31 08:01:44 PDT 2013


with this configuration:

./ --enable-headless --enable-epm --without-doxygen

i get this error on ubuntu 12.04 lts:

: Searching for product information...
: Creating Debian lodevbasis4.2-core01- distribution...
: Creating control file...
: Creating conffiles...
: Copying temporary distribution files...
: Building Debian lodevbasis4.2-core01- binary distribution...
: Packaging failed!
: Try 1 : Could not execute "LD_PRELOAD=/home/rm/src/libo/solver/ /usr/bin/epm -f deb  -g lodevbasis4.2-core01 /home/rm/src/libo/workdir/ --output-dir DEBS -v  2>&1 |"!
: Systemcall  (Try 2): LD_PRELOAD=/home/rm/src/libo/solver/ /usr/bin/epm -f deb  -g lodevbasis4.2-core01 /home/rm/src/libo/workdir/ --output-dir DEBS -v  2>&1 |
: epm: Warning - file permissions and ownership may not be correct
:      in Debian packages unless you run EPM as root!
: epm: Product names should only contain letters and numbers!

I thought it could be missing files but this script

for x in $( grep ^f /home/rm/src/libo/workdir/ | grep -o "/home.*$" ) ; do test -e $x || echo $x ; done

does not give output

and running this manually

LD_PRELOAD=/home/rm/src/libo/solver/ /usr/bin/epm -f deb  -g lodevbasis4.2-core01 /home/rm/src/libo/workdir/ --output-dir DEBS -v  2>&1

does not give any more help.

Any hint?

thanks in advance,

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