[Libreoffice-commits] correct fix for fdo#62938

Markus Mohrhard markus.mohrhard at googlemail.com
Mon Jun 3 09:57:35 PDT 2013


> This breaks CppunitTest_sc_outlineobj:
>> xsheetoutline.cxx:149:Assertion
>> Test name: sc_apitest::ScOutlineObj::testShowLevel
>> equality assertion failed
>> - Expected: OutlineSheet.A1:D1
>> - Actual  :
>> - testShowLevel Column
> Reverting it helps, but I have no idea whether it is the fix or the test
> that is broken.

I have seen the problem in the tinderbox mail but can only reproduce
it after rebasing my month old checkout to current master. Opening the
file manually shows no problem so I'll need to debug it.

Thanks for the note,

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