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Mon Jun 3 13:24:51 PDT 2013

On 06/03/2013 03:59 PM, Zolnai Tamás wrote:
> 2013/6/3 Dan Lewis <elderdanlewis at 
> <mailto:elderdanlewis at>>
>     On 06/03/2013 06:05 AM, Zolnai Tamás wrote:
>         Hi Lionel,
>            I'm working on a new feature in Base again. It's just a
>         little user helper feature to make available the direct import
>         of an csv file into table, without open Calc and copy&paste
>         the content from it to Base. I already have the plan to
>         implement it and it seems to me that it will work not just
>         with csv files but all Calc compatible format (in this case
>         only the first sheet will be imported, but later it can be
>         extended). I will use up the code which lies under the
>         OLE-object feature of Writer, which already contains the csv
>         import.
>            The only question is where this feature would be reachable.
>         I have two ideas and I think all of these two places should be
>         used:
>            1. Table view -> "Tasks". Add a 4th option like "Import
>         Table From File...". This point contains all other places
>         which are almost the duplicates of this "Tables" list (e.g.
>         Insert menu with label "Table (Import)..." ).
>            2. Table view -> "Tables" -> context menu. The label can be
>         "Import Table...".
>         If you agree with these points than I send a mail to the ux
>         mailing list for a new icon which can be displayed in the
>         "Tasks" list and in the menu.
>         Best Regards,
>         Tamás
>          Pardon me for making a comment. Base can connect to a CSV
>     file now using the Base wizard. It seems like what you want to do
>     could be made part of this wizard. At least this makes more sense
>     to me since it is creating or modifying a database.
> Yes, it might be the way. But I don't see where this wizard "modifying 
> a database". I see only opening, creating and connecting 
> functionalities, but nothing about modifying. What you mean under 
> modifying?
> Best Regards,
> Tamás
      I appear to have gotten ahead of myself. You are right. the wizard 
presently only creates a new database, opens an existing present 
database, or connect to a database. It seems to me that what you are 
proposing is modifying a database by adding a table to it from a CSV file.
     So my suggest is to include your proposal as a four part for the 
base wizard which would become create new database, open existing 
database, connect to database, or modify a database by adding a CSV file 
as a table.


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