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Mon Jun 3 08:46:29 PDT 2013

Dear Apache Open Office/Libre Office devs, 
the reason why I'm writing is, cause I can't code and want to make OO
Specially the way gradients in Draw works. At the moment the gradients
stuff is rudimentary. 
Well I guess little kids may have fun with this but you can't do real
work with that. 
So this HAS to be changed. 
At least the following things should be added: 
- possibility to use more than two colors for the gradient 
- set the hight and width of the gradient 
- the percentage of the color should change the transparency and not
the "blackness" of the color
Because this will break compatibillity with older Versions of OO I
think there should be as much changes as 
possible to prevent having to do big changes in the future to the
gradients stuff. 
So here is my suggestion to the GUI part (pdf file:
The coding part is up to you cause that's out of my scope. 
I would like you guys to think about how this could be implemented and
if there is a better way to 
do it on the GUI side (maybe an extra button which will pop-up an
extra window for the editing of 
the gradient???). 
Please fuck the licensing issues so the code can be used in both

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