[GSoC] Android Impress Remote: Weekly Report #0

Michael Meeks michael.meeks at suse.com
Mon Jun 10 04:04:02 PDT 2013

Hi Tor,

On Mon, 2013-06-10 at 12:33 +0300, Tor Lillqvist wrote:
> But isn't the only reason why the Impress Remote Control for Android
> is in the same source code repository as LibreOffice itself that it
> needs to be able to use the same translation
> infrastructure/procedure/results smoothly?

	I guess so. If we can overcome that (and I guess Andras would be the
man with a plan there - ultimately, we could be 100% evil and check
compiled / translated output into another repository ?), we could split

> The Remote Control does not use any LibreOffice (native) code, and it
> doesn't really use the LibreOffice gbuild mechanism either.

	Sure sure - might be more elegant.

> Maybe now then would be a good time to split out it for real into a
> separate repository(and take care of the translation some other way)?
> Then it could use whatever build mechanisms that are natural to
> Android developer and wouldn't need to be restricted by LibreOffice.

	As you like; as long as we continue to get snapshots - though I guess
we could build those with a separate tinderbox slave quite nicely ? :-)
if you'd be willing to set that up ?

> (The same holds for the Remote Control for iOS that is being created
> this year's GSoC.)

	Sure; happy to create a new repo if you want to do that for this.
Having said that - not being able to reproduce a past build because
[magic-black-box] downloaded
[unknown-random-java-outside-our-control-plus-shifting-dependencies] is
not that good for TDF. Having some trail of what we've built &
distributed is rather useful. Artur - can Mavern provide that ? does it
handle license comparisons ? does it allow remote projects to add random
dependencies that we didn't know of and 'automagically' resolve them
without asking [ not a feature to me FWIW ;-]. etc. ?



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