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Siqi Liu me at siqi.fr
Tue Jun 11 08:40:29 PDT 2013

Hello Tor,

In fact, I've posed the same question when I see that base64 encoding
thing... I'm not sure if that change anything if we also want some
bluetooth transmission. For now I think I would stick to the existing
protocol and focus on getting iOS remote to work as expected and then try
to improve our existing protocol.

For now I've also noticed that the blank_screen_with_a_specified_color is
platform dependent, which takes a color representation defined in Android.
Maybe we can switch to a more standard color representation so that we can
have that functionality in iOS as well.

I will keep track of all potential improvements on the existing protocol
and investigate into that when I got my app to work. The base64 thing is
just one line of code for now, and the rest of the protocol seems ok to me
except the blank_screen_with_a_specified_color command.

However, if the gsoc team working on improving android app (hi there ^^)
would also like to change something on the existing protocol, please let me
know so that we can work on that right from the beginning.


2013/6/11 Tor Lillqvist <tml at iki.fi>

> Actually I wonder why the thumbnails need to be Base64 encoded at all;
> surely the communication is not going through any 7-bit short-lines-of-text
> -enforcing channel;) Would it not be possible to just pass the PNG (IIRC)
> bytes as such as a binary blob? Prefixed by information about its length,
> presumably. And then instead of writing/reading base64 encoded lines, just
> write/read the specified number of bytes. Would of course be incompatible
> with existing (Android) remote control implementations, so some way to
> negotiate versions of the protocol at start would be needed.
> --tml


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