make ok, but make install fails

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Wed Jun 12 04:12:46 PDT 2013

For the record

For incredible accident I stumbled across a git problem that hurt me already in 
other projects - absolute path for submodule in git config:

I think this is the realy trouble-maker. So you can postpone further attention 
to my problem - maybe its solved.


Am 2013-06-12 11:32, schrieb Alexander Thurgood:
> Le 11/06/13 11:18, Caolán McNamara a écrit :
> Hi all,
>> So, does "make dev-install" work ? That might be what you really want
>> anyway if you want to hack on libreoffice. If not, then it might be a
>> little bug in the make install logic somewhere that it assumes that help
>> has been built. You could workaround that with ./configure --with-help
>> which will pull down the help submodule and presumably then that'll
>> build and be available to keep make install happy.
> FWIW, on my 32bit Linux Ubuntu 12.10 box, make dev-install fails too, I
> just hadn't had the time recently to report it.
> Alex
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