iOS does not compile

Tor Lillqvist tml at
Mon Jun 17 04:18:01 PDT 2013

> Current master fails to compile on iOS (

It built for me some hour ago (after one fix, that I pushed).

> Why don't we have daily build for iOS like all other platforms?

Because nobody is running a such tinderbox script? (I used to, for a while,
but got demotivated.)

I doubt it would make much sense to *upload* builds for iOS; we don't need
people to "test" it, we need developers who are capable of building
themselves to work on it. And of course, for iOS devices, you can't run
builds on arbitrary devices anyway, only on specifically listed ones that
the developer doing the build adds ad-hoc provisioning for, or whatever the
terminology is. (We definitely don't want to encourage jailbreaking.)

iOS build bots would just be used to catch build errors being introduced.

Note that tinderbox build bots are not managed in a top-down fashion; there
is no cabal deciding what platforms/configurations to run tinderbox build
bots for and then handing out the tasks to manage them. It's quite the

> If it just a matter of setting it up, I will gladly do it if someone can
point me how.

See .

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