SVG: scaling if no width/height is given

Armin Le Grand Armin.Le.Grand at
Wed Jun 19 04:22:11 PDT 2013

     Hi Christina,

On 18.06.2013 21:09, Christina Roßmanith wrote:
> Hi,

you have found the developer of the SVG import, congrats ;-). Sure I am 
willing to help and always interested in bug reports for my importer; I 
have fixed some in the last days anyways.
To do so, I would need a bug report on the Apache AOO bugtracker, 
containing the needed description, evtl. test files and 
suggestions/patches. Please provide this here 
I am developing for the public good at apache, so this will then be 
available for everyone, including LO (see my blog here: The 
other way round you will prevent 50mio others to profit from your work.


> the problem described here -> 
> is caused by a 
> missing width and height attribute of the SVG given as an example. So, 
> what would we expect given a ViewBox attribute when importing a graphic?
> What I'd expect is that the aspect ratio is kept and a reasonable 
> scaling is applied in order to fill a page, table cell or whatever. 
> And that the little green squares (handles?) behave like a bounding 
> box for the graphic content. Is that correct?
> What I've achieved so far is the correct scaling. What I'm looking for 
> is where the total size of the graphic is still determined wrong (see 
> attached screenshot) -> little green squares are more like DIN A4 than 
> the ViewBox size.
> Christina

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