odd "rGlyphData.ExtDataRef().mpData != Format::NONE" (vcl/headless/svptext.cxx)

Stephan Bergmann sbergman at redhat.com
Thu Jun 20 07:15:01 PDT 2013

At least current Clang towards 3.4 fails on current master with

> /home/sbergman/lo-clang/core/vcl/headless/svptext.cxx:175:40: error: comparison between pointer and integer ('void *' and 'sal_Int32' (aka 'int'))
>     if( rGlyphData.ExtDataRef().mpData != Format::NONE )
>         ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ^  ~~~~~~~~~~~~

The code of SvpGlyphPeer::RemovingGlyph appears to be that way since its 
inception in 
"INTEGRATION: CWS mergesvp (1.1.2); FILE ADDED."  Given that 
basebmp::Format::NONE is

> static const sal_Int32 NONE                         = 0;

that might either be a bad way of checking 
rGlyphData.ExtDataRef().mpData is non-null that just happens to work out 
as intended, or might be a broken attempt at checking that 
rGlyphData.ExtDataRef().meInfo is not Format::NONE.

Anybody an idea what might be the better interpretation?


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