LO /  Firebird DB Integration

Javier Fernandez jfernandez at igalia.com
Thu Jun 20 12:10:39 PDT 2013


On 20/06/13 16:40, Andrzej J. R. Hunt wrote:
> Hi there,
> On 15/06/13 20:03, Javier Fernandez wrote:
>> Nice work !!! We haven't been able to build Firebird inside libreoffice
>> at the beginning, so we movd to the system library instead. Perhaps you
>> could take that as reference for the installation details you mentioned.
>> BTW, I've tested your changes in the branch and this is what I get by
>> opening an already created ODB file configured for Firebird:
>> warn:cppuhelper:664:1:cppuhelper/source/shlib.cxx:501: loading component
>> library failed:
>> file://$HOME/libo.git/solver/unxlngx6/installation/opt/program/../program/libfirebird-sdbclo.so
>> terminate called after throwing an instance of
>> 'com::sun::star::loader::CannotActivateFactoryException'
> I've finally managed to figure out how to get the install working -- the
> driver now loads fine. For the moment however the following is needed
> for things to work:
> FIREBIRD=./install/program/firebird
> LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$(LD_LIBRARY_PATH):./install/program/firebird/lib
> ./install/program/soffice.bin --base
> I'm not entirely sure how to provide these paths within LO to avoid
> having to prepend them yet.

I think you can try to inspect how it was using the Firebird external
libraries, so you can figure out how to do it with internal builds. Try
to build the branch before your changes and see where the libraries are
installed. But Andres should know more about this, I'll ping him to know
his opinion.

> I'm also not entirely certain everything will work as expected yet
> either -- I haven't found a definitive list of files which Firebird 2.5
> requires in embedded mode -- if anything is missing it can be however
> easily be added to the bottom of firebird/ExternalPackage_firebird.mk.

Firebird embedded only requires the libfbembed.so library, just that.


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