SVG: scaling if no width/height is given

Regina Henschel rb.henschel at
Thu Jun 20 22:38:19 PDT 2013

Hi Christina,

Regina Henschel schrieb:
> Hi Christina,
> I have seen you patch at Gerrit now.
> I think, that SvgAspectRatio::createLinearMapping is the wrong place to
> constrain the scaling because this method is used in svgimagenode.cxx
> and svgstyleattributes.cxx too. I think, that the decision whether to
> keep aspect ratio or not, should be made in the node itself. Have you
> tried to set the default settings explicitly in the constructor of
> SvgSvgNode?

"constructor" is a bad idea, because it would effect inner svg-nodes too.

Kind regards

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