make ok, but make install fails

Alex Thurgood alex.thurgood at
Fri Jun 21 00:43:27 PDT 2013

Le 20/06/2013 16:40, Miklos Vajna a écrit :

Hi Miklos,

> Is this a clean build? Even after the fix arrived, an incremental build
> will have the same problem. No need to mess with the --with-help or
> --without-help switches, I hope. At least I did not. :-)

The problem was the use of --with-sun-templates. Once I remoeved this 
switch, make dev-install completed successfully.

However, when I try to launch soffice, after setting ooenv, I get a 
direct bomb and console output about :

/usr/lib/ version `LIBO_UDK_4.0' not found (required by 

/usr/lib/ version `LIBO_UDK_4.1' not found (required by 

In most of the libraries that need to be loaded on startup.

Am I missing something ? Is there some other build switch I should be 
including ?

Current switches :


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