[GSOC]Slide Layout Extendibility :Weekly Report #1

Vishv Brahmbhatt vishvbrahmbhatt19 at gmail.com
Fri Jun 21 06:04:48 PDT 2013

Hello Everyone,

Before the beginning of  this week ,I was debugging on impress slide
layouts.Basically,I got to understand the mechanism of creation of slide
layouts in the "normal" page,in the master pages like "notes" and "handout"
and much more.

Currently in the slide layouts, Placeholder object's height,width,position
are hard-coded. So,I did following things during this week:

+So at first ,I started with creation of XML file  which stores following
(1) Layout Type
(2) "PresObj" Kind
(3) Position co-ordinates of "PresObj"
(4) Size of "PreObj"(Width and Height)

+ I have started coding XML parser, which will read this information from
XML file and set the appropriate parameters in the function
"CalcAutoLayoutRectangles" (This function  calculates/sets  the Top
Position,Height and Width of Rectangle "PresObj" used.) And this will
parser will help in bringing configurability with Slide Layouts.

+ So XML parser should be fully completed, probably by "Monday" or
"Tuesday"(mostly it should get completed by this weekend).

+ Next week,I will work on  understanding "Slide Mater View" and  on using
"Slide Mater View" to edit the current built-in layouts.

Vishv Brahmbhatt
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