Question on Java JDK build environments impacting JRE use

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Sun Jun 23 10:25:23 PDT 2013


Yes! I will happily work with your JDK 7 based build with Java 7 bytecode to
see if that restores the JAB function Oracle clobbered when they moved Java
Access Bridge into the base JRE at 1.7u6.

Thanks for the history...

Can't fault Tor's work on fixing the compiler java_target_version to 1.5
across all build platforms.

But the comments made in rejecting your  seem a little short sighted
because at that point we'd already demonstrated that the JRE 7 built in JAB
was NOT functioning correctly for providing UAA based Assistive Technology
tools to Windows OS desktops and filed fdo#58995. 

And any of the thousands of AT dependent LibreOffice users on Windows can
attest that UAA <--> JAB AT is  impacted because we've had to have folks
jump through hoops to obtain a functional AT  (see  or ).

Issue of bytecode target interaction with JRE becomes more troubling if you
consider that the default Java JRE update settings on Windows systems
replace all JRE  6 installations with current JRE 7 builds.  In other words
the percentage of total LibreOffice ussers with JRE 1.5 or JRE 1.6
installations even installed is rapidly shrinking.  


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