Question on Java JDK build environments impacting JRE use

Noel Grandin noel at
Sun Jun 23 23:27:56 PDT 2013

On 2013-06-23 17:24, V Stuart Foote wrote:
> Thanks!  The zip'd packaging is fine for testing, have grabbed a copy.
> Will run with it and a JRE 1.7u25 and JAB 2.0.3, but noticed for starters
> that the build target for the Java bytecode is still set to major/minor
> 49.0, or J2SE 5.  Is that a javac compatibility mode setting of some sort?
> Useful none the less, but might not see interesting changes until able to
> assess java compiled to Java 7 bytecode, i.e. major/minor 51.0.  Just hope
> there is not a lot of code refactoring to get to that point.
Changing the version number of the Java bytecode will have absolutely no 
impact on your problem because the Java-VM happily loads bytecode 
versions all the way back to Java1.0 i.e. it has pretty much perfect 
backwards compatibility in that respect.

You are more likely to be seeing some kind of subtle change in timing, 
or a small but significant change in how some part of the Java runtime 

You could try doing a manual binary search through the Java runtime 
versions, that might help narrow it down.


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