Help for widget UI conversion

Jan Holesovsky kendy at
Wed Jun 26 07:36:46 PDT 2013

Hi Manal,

Manal M. Alhassoun píše v St 26. 06. 2013 v 11:30 +0000:

> I'm trying to convert FontTypeDialog into .ui format
> However, I get the following error: 
> warn:vcl.layout:14483:1:include/vcl/builder.hxx:255: .ui widget
> "variableCB" needs to correspond to vcl type 17SmFontPickListBox
> what type of GTK should I use ? or How I can fix this error ?

This SmFontPickListBox has to be treated as a custom widget.  Please see

how to enable it for .ui.  You can see an example of such a conversion

Please let us know should you have any trouble with that :-)

All the best,

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