Code Hint - Removing Dupe Entry in Keyboard Shortcut List

Joel Madero at
Thu Jun 27 23:18:38 PDT 2013

Hi All,

There is a dupe entry of "Rename Sheet" in the customize keyboard 
settings for Spreadsheet - in the "Format" section. I have located the code: 

When I actually delete the entry and do make, dev-install the menu is 
changed but I'm left with a new entry at the top of the list. I deleted

and then I get

.uno:name on the top of the list of customize shortcut, if I delete 
#1304 I get .uno:renameTable at the top of the list.

Not sure how these are being generated just by me deleting the entries.

Another interesting observation is that two other such entries already 
exist in the list even in 4.1 RC (probably before also)


Hints appreciated, seems like a really easy fix, weird behavior from a 
deletion though.

Warm Regards,

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