Weekly report about character border

Zolnai Tamás zolnaitamas2000 at gmail.com
Sun Jun 30 09:35:07 PDT 2013

Hi all,

Some notes about my progress in the second week.
In this week I added the "Borders" tab page to the character dialog and so
the UI part of the implementation works. After this I started to learn
about character attributes, fonts and layout.

Questions of this week (some of them are answered just partly):
  - How to use a general attribute (e.g. background, or in our case border)
as character attribute?
  - Is it necessary to add a separate character attribute or just use the
general one?
  - How does the system store attributes? (SwFmt, SwAttrSet, SwAttrStack)
  - How can we implement character border? (two distinct solution: font or
layout frame)
  - How does the font structure look like? What part a font has?
(descenter, ascenter, leadings)
  - How to paint text lines into font structure? (e.g. overlining,
underlining, strikethrough)
  - How does layout frame work? How does frame hierarchy look like? How to
calculate the border properties of the current frame? (SwBorderAttr)****

For details you can follow my works on the link bellow:

Best Regards,
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