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--- Comment #6 from Tor Lillqvist <tml at iki.fi> ---
Reading more of the report, it seems truncated and/or a bit useless? Everything
else in it is related to external (bundled) sources, not sure if we want to
bother with fixing those? And then there are thousands of repeated "LLVM ERROR:
Bad DataLayout ctor used.  Tool did not specify a DataLayout to use?" lines at
the end. Is our C++ code somehow too pathological for this tool? (That would
not be surprising of course... this codebase has been breaking toolchains for a
quarter of a century I think;)

Anyway, yay, this is a great start, but for the majority of our codebase it
seems that the tool fails, so that needs to be investigated in detail. (By
looking at what happens when just one single source file is run through the
tool, and either sending a bug report to the STACK maintainers and hoping they
can fix it, or figure out what we need to to do work around the problem.)

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