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--- Comment #10 from Tor Lillqvist <tml at iki.fi> ---
I, and several other people, compile LibreOffice using Clang all the time, both
on Linux (where Clang so far is not mainstream, I guess) and on OS X (for OS X
itself and cross-compiling for iOS) (where Clang *is* mainstream, no gcc
available any more at all). This has been done for over a year at least. So it 
isn't as if it would be anything new to compile LibrOffice using Clang.

The configure.ac has logic to decide whether to use the -fno-enforce-eh-specs
option or not, and so far it has worked. So either your version of Clang is in
some way then odd and the configure.ac tests break down, or you are telling it
to use Clang in some wrong way. What does your autogen.input look like? For me,
to use Clang (on Linux), I simply add CC=clang and CXX=clang++ lines to

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