[Bug 53920] EDITING: Data Validity Cell Range not being applied to multiple selected cells

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> I would like to attempt this, but I am new to LibreOffice and want to have a
> better understanding of the code base before assigning this to myself.  Can
> anyone offer some pointers on getting started?

so most of the calc specific code is inside sc/

sc is split into 3 parts:

sc/source/core contain mostly the model
sc/source/filter containing mostly the calc specific parts of the filters
sc/source/ui containing the ui related code + some other non model parts

ScValidationData is the main class for the validation feature.

Cell ranges are represented by

ScAddress a single cell address
ScRange a continuous cell range
ScRangeList a list of ScRange
ScMarkData also able to contain multi-selection

Please ask more detailed question if you need more details.

You can use opengrok.libreoffice.org for browsing the Libreoffice source code.

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