[Bug 65108] Clean-up header includes (global/local)

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--- Comment #11 from Michael Meeks <michael.meeks at collabora.com> ---
The ESC discussed this, here was the minute from 2013-06-20.

I guess that it is a good time to resume work on this.

AFAIK there is/was no consensus on the list - but worth looking that out I

* Bulk change of header include style (Michael)
    + thoughts on this:
    + defer until 4.1.2 or so - when cherry-picking reduces
    + concern that angle brackets only for system headers (Stephan)
    + discussed this in the past, MS compiler does insane things
      with path lookups if you use quotes (Bjoern)
        + what ? (Stephan)
        + walks entire include path backwards (Bjoern)
        + http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/36k2cdd4%28v=vs.71%29.aspx
    + libxml - is that a local or a system include ? (Norbert)
        + in the code we can't know that, notion is a bit fuzzy
        + no need to violate the std for no reason (Stephan)
            + performance might be a good idea.
    + potential compromise: have "" for files in the same
      directory as the cxx (Michael)
        + indifferent to cleaning it up (Stephan)
    + discuss it on the list

I'd suggest my compromise: using "" for includes in the same directory as the
cxx file, and <> for everything else; clearly we'd need a script to identify
and re-write for those. Do we have such a thing ? :-)

Thanks for chasing !

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