[Bug 65108] Clean-up header includes (global/local)

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--- Comment #17 from Norbert Thiebaud <nthiebaud at gmail.com> ---

I would favor that the whole source tree be cleaned-up to whatever 'norm' is
agreed upon.

There are 3 proposed scheme, as I read it:

1/ use "" systematically (well except for <stdio> <assert> and other true
system include I suspect....

2/ use <> systematically

3/ use "" for 'local' include, i.e in the same directory than the cxx and <>
for the rest

4/ use "" for include private to the module you are in and <> for include that
are 'public' header (iow system from the point of view of other module)

I favor 4/ because a/ that does solve the original pch problem b/ that convey a
useful semantic content to the reader of the code: where is the include in
question supposed to be.
iow in 'standard speak' considering $(SRCDIR)/include as a system include path

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