Alfresco summit report

Cedric Bosdonnat cbosdonnat at
Tue Nov 12 01:23:11 PST 2013

Hello people,

Here is a small summary of my presence at Alfresco Summit last week. I
attended this event as a speaker but it was also good to listen to some
of the CMIS-related talks.

 * My session went pretty well. There wasn't a huge crowd in the room,
and it most of the attendees were LibreOffice users. We had quite some
time for questions. A few interesting ones were concerning SSO.

 * The connection between that proprietary office suite and Alfresco was
a theme that appeared in two of the keynotes. Good to know that we are
ahead of them on that front.

 * Went to all the companies having a booth there to tell them about
LibreOffice and CMIS. Gave them a few LibreOffice cards Jesus had home.
It was pretty interesting since quite a few of them weren't aware of the

 * Talked to many persons including RedPill LinPro guys reporting CMIS
bugs and Alfresco developers.

 * Mentioned the non-standard CMIS URLs to the CMIS guys at Alfresco.
Let's hope we'll find a way to get something done.

 * Discussed the Alfresco Cloud OAuth2 key limitations we could
encounter with Jeff Potts, Luis Sala and others. I'll first need to
finish integrating that feature in LO.

 * Discovered that Alfresco 4.2.e comes with a different binding URL to
support CMIS 1.1.

 * Code side:
    * Quite a lot of improvements in libcmis to handle properties
    * Fixed the GDrive connection from LO.

Many thanks TDF for sponsoring me to go to this event.


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