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Tue Nov 12 04:24:42 PST 2013

Hi abdulaziz,

Em 11/11/2013 07:11 AM, abdulaziz escreveu:
> Hi all ;
> we have an idea for RTL (arabic) support in Math and we want someone who 
> expert in starmath to answering   the following questions : 
I'm not the expert, but maybe I know somethings that can help you :)

> 1- is it possible to add an arabic mathematical unicode (*nowadays , there
> is no full mathematical  unicode for arabic* )to the module /starmath ?
If I understood it correctly, it seems to be our OLD problem of adding
new symbols to Math. Currently we're using the OpenSymbol to draw the
Math symbols, and OpenSymbol don't have all Math symbols. Maybe we need
to exchange OpenSymbol (and do a LOT of tests on it, because OpenSymbol
is used in bullets too) to STIX fonts... just an idea. This topic is
very old, and we talked about this maybe 4 months ago, or more...

> 2-is it possible to rearrange the formula from Right to Left in both edit
> and formula windows?
I believe yes. There are some parts of Math edit that we disables the
RTL support. Maybe we can add RTL support by changing all pieces of Math
that read/write data to edits... Math is a very small module so maybe
this is not a difficult task.

> 3- what is the good way to add this feature to /starmath module , as an
> extiontion or as optsion in menu ?
As I said above, maybe we can put this as an option.

It's nice to see that others guys are thinking about to improve Math :)

If I could help in this task, please let me know!

Sorry for the late reply...

> *Thanks in advance ...*
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