please don't use #pragma GCC system_header

Michael Stahl mstahl at
Thu Nov 14 03:22:56 PST 2013

On 14/11/13 12:00, Stephan Bergmann wrote:
> On 11/14/2013 11:25 AM, Michael Stahl wrote:
>> ... because it not only disables warnings, it also prevents generating
>> Makefile dependencies for the file, and that is what caused everybody's
>> build to break after yesterday's ICU upgrade.
> Is that only relevant in "our own" files, or also in header files from 
> bundled external modules (where I rather liked the occasional trick of 
> silencing warnings wholesale with a single "#pragma GCC system_header" 
> patch)?

yes it also prevents dependencies being generated for externals, which
may also prevent necessary rebuilds; i am currently cleaning that up
(there's a whole bunch in our boost patches....)

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