Vendors Name via UNO API / Basic Macros

Fernand Vanrie sos at
Fri Nov 15 09:53:36 PST 2013

  Andrew ,
the problem is :

  "stardiv.Toolkit.UnoDateFieldControls" who has until 4.0 a "date" 
property who is a ISO representation of the datevalue.
Since 4.1 this date property is a structure (day, month, year) who is 
more handy but painfull for us with hundreds of code lines using the 

i signaled this already to Lionel, but he he is working hard to solving 
other base problems, i supose  e we should fil a Regresion issue for this ?
> On 11/15/2013 07:43 AM, Thomas Krumbein wrote:
>> Every custom macro application with dialogs or forms for user 
>> interfaces is influenced if dialogs/forms using Date/time fields. And 
>> typicly most of them (in my applications about 70%) used those 
>> fields. So all applications will crash using LO or upper.
> Are you saying that if you use a Date / Time field in a form or dialog 
> in LO, it fails? If there is more to it, can you be more specific, 
> sorry if I am uninformed on this.

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