Vendors Name via UNO API / Basic Macros

David Ostrovsky d.ostrovsky at
Mon Nov 18 12:10:34 PST 2013

Lionel Elie Mamane wrote on Mon Nov 18 09:32:57 PST 2013

>> On Mon, Nov 18, 2013 at 06:10:34PM +0100, Fernand Vanrie wrote:
>> yep conversions are not the problem, its the exiting code who is
>> broken in many places ?

>What exiting code?

This Basic-Macros excerpt:

oDlg.getControl("myDateField").date = CDatetoIso(now())

was broken in LibreOffice 4.1.1. The only known migration path is to
adjust all broken places with:

REM broken oDlg.getControl("myDateField").date = CDatetoIso(now())
dim oDat as new
    with oDat
     .day = Day(now)
     .month = Month(now)
     .year = Year(now)
    end with
    oDlg.getControl("myDateField").date = oDat

Now, if you have thousands LoC of Basic Macros, ...

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