curl now with native SSL/TLS on Mac and WNT

Cedric Bosdonnat cbosdonnat at
Tue Nov 19 00:03:19 PST 2013

Hello Michael,

Thanks a lot for updating to 7.33.0 and providing a better integration
with system SSL implementation. I'm not sure curl delegates the
certificates database handling completely as there is a configure option
to build it with a CA bundle. So these would need to be tested on
windows and macos builds before advertising.

The good thing I saw this morning is that Curl guys implemented the
CURLINFO_CERTINFO for NSS... after 7.33.0. The patch is here:

So I'll try to backport this patch on our internal curl: that would
solve the original problem and we'll at least be able to tell the users
when we have some SSL certificate problem.


On Tue, 2013-11-19 at 00:21 +0100, Michael Stahl wrote:
> digging through curl's makefiles it supports some native SSL/TLS
> implementations, which should have OS integrated support and UI for
> adding custom CAs and such things:
> commit 461bdf0b4f863a5ba39dd76b6baf416fbb64b5e8 enables use of "Secure
> Transport" on Mac / IOS
> commit 460d6ce526b79f4d98600d60a63f894e197b66fe enables use of
> "Schannel" on WNT (MSVC)
> and btw commit 88e65df2e4be47ae3ae1ae1b3a30003f4cfe4b11
> upgrades to version 7.33.0
> actually it appears that on WNT our internal curl didn't have any
> SSL/TLS support before, which is surprising (but i haven't checked 4.1,
> maybe that was only on master).
> it appears that Mac OS X 10.6 has a system libcurl.4.dylib, which could
> perhaps also be used; our RHEL5 baseline has a apparently
> which is too old.
> this is build-tested only (and Mac only via tinderbox) - please test if
> it actually works for your use-cases.
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