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Wed Nov 20 10:42:33 PST 2013


Sorry if im't not sending this to the right adresses...

First of all, I want to thank you devs and contributors for all the effort
you've been putting making this excellent free software, you're awesome!

I haven't found this feature: it would be great if you can export your own
dictionary (with the words you've add to it) from the UI to a file (I think
it would be a .oxt file) and making it easier to import it from another

And I wanted to know what would you think about changing an entry in the
context menu that shows when you right click a word that's incorrect and
you want to correct it, ignore it or add to your dictionary, here are the
context menu entrys:

Ignore All
Add   << This one
Spelling and Grammar

I think it would be better if it says "Add to your dictionary", being this
a little more specific and friendly.

I'm really sorry for sending an email for such trifles, but I really think
it would make Libreoffice a little better, I hope it isn't much trouble.


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