Vendors Name via UNO API / Basic Macros

Jan Holesovsky kendy at
Thu Nov 21 11:34:04 PST 2013

Hi Thomas,

Thomas Krumbein píše v Pá 15. 11. 2013 v 15:43 +0100:

> >> Well, this change was a small technical thing - but with a very big
> >> influence on typical market applications. Every custom macro application
> >> with dialogs or forms for user interfaces is influenced if dialogs/forms
> >> using Date/time fields.
> > 
> > Have you filed a bugreport, please?  A minimal example of the macro that
> > fails would be most appreciated.
> Well - it´s not a bug, because you mentioned the change in release-notes
> of version 4.1.

There are many ways how to make the problem less annoying in Basic ;-) -
we control the Basic implementation, so can work around many things, and
if we are lucky, this will be one of them.  I am sure we'd try to do
that before the release with the incompatible change if we knew early.

> What´s happend, you can read my article on my homepage. It is in german
> language but I am sure, you get the context ;)

I am sorry, cannot get the context :-(  Can you please turn it into a
minimal example of what used to work, and send it here?  Or even better,
file the bugreport, and send here the link?

Thank you a lot,

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