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Hi Adam,

On Thu, Nov 21, 2013 at 11:11:47AM +0200, Adam Fyne <adam.fyne at> wrote:
> In each mail you say "hope this helps", so in each reply I will continue
> saying : "yes, it really helps a lot!" :-)

Glad to hear that. If possible, please try not to remove the mailing
list from the CC, this helps to have the information publicly archived &
searchable. I believe in knowledge sharing. ;-)

> > > In the switch-case I see
> > > 'case NS_ooxml::LN_CT_RPrChange_rPr:'
> > > and that's where I've added the line of code below.
> > > But how do I know if it's the 'rPrChange' of
> > > 'ooxml:EG_RPrContent_rPrChange' or
> > > 'ooxml:CT_ParaRPr_rPrChange' token that you've mentioned?
> >
> > The ooxml:CT_RPrChange_rPr token represents an "rPr" XML element
> But it is an 'rPr' that is inside a 'rPrChange' token, right? (not just the
> regular 'rPr' token inside a run)

Almost. XML elements may appear in different contexts, and the idea is
that depending on the context different tokens are generated for the XML
element. So the above one is only for the "rPr, as in CT_RPrChange": if
you grep for "<ref name="CT_RPrChange"/>" in model.xml, you'll see that
it means parents ins, del and rPrChange.

> My question was - "how do I know if the 'ooxml:CT_RPrChange_rPr' represents
> an 'rPr' token
> that is inside the 'CT_ParaRPr_rPrChange' or inside the
> 'EG_RPrContent_rPrChange' ?

Search for ooxml:CT_RPrChange_rPr in model.xml: you'll see that it's a
token inside the CT_RPrChange complex type. Then search for "<ref
name="CT_RPrChange"/>", you'll get the above XML elements. One more
indirection will lead you to the tokens of those elements:
ooxml:EG_RPrContent_rPrChange (and it turns out the remaining two "ins"
and "del" have no tokens associated).

In short, that means ooxml:CT_RPrChange_rPr represents an "rPr" inside a

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