Build switches for mysql connector extension - Mac OSX

Alex Thurgood alex.thurgood at
Fri Nov 22 07:02:05 PST 2013

Le 22/11/2013 15:05, Alex Thurgood a écrit :

>> export CFLAGS='-I/path/to/mysql_cppconn/includes'
>> export LDFLAGS='-L/path/to/mysql_cppconn/libs'
>> ./ --enable-ext-mariadb-connector --with-system-mysql-cppconn
> checking whether to build the MariaDB extension...yes
> checking which MariaDB to use...internal
> configure: error : libmariadb is known to be broken as of 2013-10; etc e

Had to remove --enable-dbgutl here as well before configure would even 
consider the mysql connector switches as it is "incompatible" with the 
use of --with-system-mysql-cppconn.

Note that in the above attempts, I pointed to the C++ libraries and 
includes provided by the MySQL C++ connector for Mac OSX 64bit.


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