Installation failures

Tor Lillqvist tml at
Fri Nov 22 23:58:47 PST 2013

> I was asked to install the new alpha 4.2

Well, what you are doing is *building* not "installing". But maybe
that is what you were asked to do.

> message (xcode required user acceptance)

I don't remember ever having had to accept any such license when
running the compiler myself on my Macs, but probably I just clicked
through it in the Xcode GUI after running Xcode (to verify it
installed correctly, etc) and didn't think any more of it. I guess it
is rather uncommon for somebody to start building LibreOffice without
having run Xcode (or just a command-line compiler) even a single time
on the machine before, which is why nobody noticed before that we fail
to mention such a detail in the wiki.

> Warnings from terminal #
> contents of make.txt #

All the compilation warnings (from 3rd-party code) are irritating but
harmless. The warning from gdb about "unrecognized option
`-return-child-result'" are new to me, but probably also harmless (and
probably have always happened but earlier not been shown; there were
some recent changes in the unit testing makefiles).

The actual problem seems to be with the
CppunitTest_binaryurp_test-cache unit test. Which is very odd. Sorry,
but I have no clue what could causes that for you. Hmm, or could it be
that it is after all the -return-child-result option that causes the
unit test to fail? But surely we don't unconditionally use gdb
nowadays when running unit tests?

(Note that on fresh Macs with no history of earlier Xcode versions,
there isn't even any gdb installed, so starting to depend on gdb being
present would be a problem. Just like Apple had already earlier moved
away from gcc to Clang, it has now moved away from gdb to lldb.)

Could you pastebin also your config.log file, and the
file, thanks!


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