LibreOffice Gerrit News for core on 2013-11-27

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Tue Nov 26 22:00:01 PST 2013


* Open changes on master for project core changed in the last 25 hours:

+ fdo#39956 Delete JAB
  in from David Ostrovsky
+ fdo#60698: Merge tvhlp1 into ucpchelp1
  in from Marcos Souza
+ fdo#60698: Merge hatchwindowfactory into svt
  in from Marcos Souza
+ Convert chart legend position tabpage to widget UI
  in from Olivier Hallot
+ Fix for LO crash while saving and corruption of file after roundtrip.
  in from Rohit Deshmukh
+ fdo#71936 Add Excel 2010 functions GAMMA.DIST, GAMMA.INV, GAMMALN.PRECISE
  in from Winfried Donkers
+ fdo#69552 make calc functions CEILING and FLOOR comply with ODF1.2
  in from Winfried Donkers
+ fdo#70338 : Fixed file corruption issue after save for docx.
  in from Sushil Shinde
+ fdo#35712 fdo#40315 fdo#40314 Autoselect trendline type
  in from Laurent BP
+ fdo#71784:Invalid Sections getting added to the document after RT
  in from Tushar Bende

* Merged changes on master for project core changed in the last 25 hours:

+ fdo#60924 autoinstall - gbuild/scp2: Move more libs to OOO
  in from Marcos Souza
+ Added dump of 'redline' objects in 'node dump' XML
  in from Adam CloudOn
+ Moved 'DateTimeToOString' from 'filter' package to 'tools' package
  in from Adam CloudOn
+ fdo#71434: don't show master text if PlaceHolder types defined
  in from Korrawit Pruegsanusak
+ Mailmerge shows wrong number of emails to be sent
  in from Rodolfo Ribeiro Gomes

* Abandoned changes on master for project core changed in the last 25 hours:

+ Invalid Sections getting added to the document after RT(Bugzilla BugId -7
  in from Tushar Bende

* Open changes needing tweaks, but being untouched for more than a week:

+ fdo#69407
  in from matthieu gay
+ fix for exporting of text watermark to DOCX
  in from Adam CloudOn
+ WIP: fdo#33980 Preserve selection across all slide sorters.
  in from Andrzej J.R. Hunt
+ fdo#71043 -  Use STACK lint tool to clean code
  in from José Guilherme Vanz
+ new cell-border handling in calc
  in from Viktor Varga
+ Increase number of remembered recent documents from 10 to 25
  in from Krisztian Pinter
+ startcenter: Make SC open faster by timeouting thumbnails
  in from Krisztian Pinter
+ Simplify oslThreadIdentifier on Linux 32.
  in from Arnaud Versini
+ Dynamically align toolbars in LibreOffice
  in from Prashant Pandey
+ fdo#36791 : fix for import of greeting card
  in from Adam CloudOn
+ more debug logs, extra debug layer, file is not used in p3k
  in from James Michael Dupont
+ Positional Tab additions
  in from Adam CloudOn
+ fdo#64817 : fix for rectangle with image fill
  in from Adam CloudOn


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