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Hi Robert,

I think there is no formal process when to include a new font. If it 
makes sense, it's ok. Fonts are not that big.
I would just create a patch which adds the fonts you need and publish it 

Then there is still time to discuss this (otherwise this might get lost).


Am 25.11.2013 13:04, schrieb Robert M Campbell:
> I was just curious, when does LibreOffice choose to bundle fonts? When 
> is there a good reason to bundle them?
> I ask this because LibreOffice has a Burmese font, but no Thai, Lao, 
> or Khmer fonts that I can tell. Droid Sans includes Thai support. 
> Khmer OS provides Khmer support.
> And SIL's Mittaphab and Lao Government's Phetsarath OT are possible 
> options for Lao, but the most widely used Lao font in Laos is 
> Saysettha Lao. The government wants everyone to use Phetsarath OT 
> (which is their standard). Windows 8 ships with Dok Champa, which I 
> know little about... And SIL is working on a graphite font Mittaphap. 
> I know Mittaphap is OFL, Phetsarath OT has no license (public 
> domain?), so those are fair open options. Saysettha is not open 
> source, nor is Dok Champa, to my understanding.
> But the real question is whether or not LibreOffice will want to 
> include fonts for language coverage in the first place?
> Possible benefits I see:
>   * Consistent look and feel for users of those languages across
>     platforms and systems
>   * Provides native access for people without reliable Internet
>     (sometimes a problem in Laos)
> Possible problems I see:
>   * Makes LibreOffice bigger
>   * Could get out of hand if everyone wants to submit their favorite font
>   * People might complain because it doesn't have their favorite
>     Saysettha font
> What do you all think?
> -- 
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