gru (MozTrap, Jenkins) currently down

Sophie gautier.sophie at
Wed Nov 27 05:08:28 PST 2013

Le 27/11/2013 14:07, Florian Effenberger a écrit :
> Hello,
> Florian Effenberger wrote on 2013-11-27 13:25:
>> I am sorry to say that gru (hosting MozTrap and Jenkins) is currently
>> down. It looks like a hardware problem given that not even a hardware
>> reset with forced boot into the rescue system work.
>> Our ISP has been informed and I hope will act soon.
> the machine is now up again. It was stalled at the BIOS during hard disk
> detection (which makes me hope it's not a hardware issue, because it
> crashed before we did a reboot).
> I am now working on restoring the services.

ok, thanks a lot!


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