Lao / Thai / Khmer Bundled Fonts

tk toki.kantoor at
Wed Nov 27 20:55:32 PST 2013

Khaled Hosny  wrote:
>> Fonts are not that big.

>Fonts CAN be that big :) Look at TeX Live, of its 3.5 GB install, 1.4 GB are fonts.

Pan Unicode fonts are the largest fonts in a font directory.
Code2000 is 4.8 MB in size.
Code2002 is 4.3 MB in size
Unifont-5.1-20080907.ttf is 16.3 MB in size.

I'll grant, that 41.6 MB, sursong.ttf is an exception.

Point is, there are roughly 250 writing systems, and, until LibreOffice ships with a UI for at least the major language used by each of those writing systems, the size of the fonts is not an issue.   When LibreOffice provides a UI for 250 languages, I suspect that there will be far greater issues than the amount of space the fonts take up.  

Furthermore, a _good_ pan-unicode font will solve space issues, related to fonts.  There are, unfortunately, none that are distributed under an open source license that are also pretty.  :(*    Maybe, when a user can select one of 250 different languages for the UI, there will be a pretty pan-unicode font.

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