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Thu Nov 28 13:26:21 PST 2013

Michael Meeks-5 wrote
> * Infra team / interaction (Bjoern)
>     + good thing to have better communication (Cloph)
>         + hard to see how it would work; 'website' list for larger
> projects.
>http://pad.documentfoundation.org/p/infra (collection of issues
> with OTRS/evaluating the possible replacements)
>         + nearly impossible to track a etherpad, should be dumped on
>           website@ or better on projects@ regularly (Bjoern)
>     + who uses OTRS ? (Michael)
>         + Bjoern / David / Norbert
>         + not even decided that we do (Cloph)
>         + why not just mail people asking for accounts (Michael)
>         + just the visiblity angle (Bjoern)

http://pad.documentfoundation.org/p/infra wrote
> Requirements for ticketing and project management system [...]
> packages to possibly consider: OTRS, RT, trac, Mantis, Flyspray, 
> Bugzilla
> , Redmine

Please consider to use migrated own Bugzilla at bugs.libreoffice.org as a
bug-tracker for all LibreOffice related actionable items for each team
(Infra, QA, etc.). All of lacking requirements can be added to Bugzilla as
extensions, per product/component (like 1st desription editable entry or
else). Remember that Bugzilla can be used as public/private ticketing system
- has private bugs/comments capabilities and access control lists.
This would allow to have better communication across all teams and get AI
bugs a real workflow and not a  mail threads across mailinglist only.
I wish a migrated Bugzilla will become best friend of all project members
and will be used whenever possible. 
Best regards. 

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