fdo69552 backward compatibility with optional arguments in calc functions

Eike Rathke erack at redhat.com
Thu Nov 28 13:40:31 PST 2013

Hi Winfried,

On Thursday, 2013-11-28 12:23:56 +0100, Winfried Donkers wrote:

> >The problem I have here is that with CEILING() and FLOOR() the second argument (significance) is optional 
> >and has its default value (1 or -1) depending on the sign of the first argument (value). 
> >How do I obtain this value in formula/source/core/api/token.cxx FormulaMissingContext::AddMoreArgs() 
> >and FormulaMissingContext::AddMissing()?
> >The same problem may apply in sc/source/filter/excel/xeformula.cxx XclExpFmlaCompImpl::AppendTrailingParam()
> I fear I have the answer: I can't make the change to ODF-compliance backwards-compatible.

Indeed, that was the problem with these functions :-(

> When the optional 2nd argument (significance) is not entered by the user it has a value depending on the value of 
> the 1st argument. But this 1st argument can contain a reference, i.e. is not known at the time of writing the file...
> This looks like the WEEKNUM/ISOWEEKNUM problem: to make the formulas comply with ODF1.2, backwards 
> compatibilty is broken... :(
> What is the best way to proceed?

What follows is just a brainstorm, there may be quirks..

Over a long term, spanned over several releases:

0) current release (4.2)

1) for the next release (4.3) implement a second function named a little
   different in the UI (e.g. CEILING_ODF) with the correct handling of
   parameters, do not offer it in the FunctionWizard yet (there's a flag
   in scfuncs.src to suppress functions and their descriptions) and when
   reading from an ODF document a function that does not have the
   optional but so far expected parameter map it to the new function
   (CEILING_ODF), else map it to the old function (CEILING). Both are
   saved as CEILING again in ODF without intervention, not changing
   anything. This enables a release to read and handle future versions
   (or correct ODF files).

2) in the then next release (4.4) activate CEILING_ODF in the
   FunctionWizard, deprecate CEILING saying CEILING_ODF should be used
   and that functions will be renamed in future, but offer both this

3) in next release (4.5) in the UI rename CEILING to CEILING_OOO and
   rename CEILING_ODF to CEILING. Function descriptions should state

4) next release (4.6) deactivate CEILING_OOO in the FunctionWizard.
   Users will still see that function name when such a document was
   loaded, but will use CEILING else.

5) next release (4.7) drop CEILING_OOO completely. Users hopefully will
   not miss it ;-)

By the time 4.5 will be published hopefully most users will have
switched from 4.2 to at least 4.3 so will be able to read the new


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