New feature in LibreOffice Draw can automate diagrams in Seconds

- jgarciagar1 at
Sat Nov 30 17:12:04 PST 2013

We have created a video showing a new cool feature, never seen before, 
that allow LibreOffice Draw to automate complex diagrams in seconds. The 
video is a feature demo, and it need coding, so people willing to create 
an add-on or the code to implement this feature in Draw, are really welcome.
The feature allows you to create extremely complex diagrams in seconds, 
increasing the productivity in a 79%
The work of 8 hours, can be done in only 2. We have created a full 
review of the feature request in video.

The video is available in Youtube here:

Please, feel free to download the video, or share the link.

It is hidding, so only people knowing the link, can see it.
It is fully documented, and in High Definition (720p), so you can see it 
The video is in English, but you can also understand the feature, 
watching the video.
If someone would like to start a team to implement this feature, it 
would be great.
This feature never have seen before in "Office" type packages.
Since a programmer's point of view, it should be easy to create it:
Basically, you only need to create a window, with 2 or 3 already 
toolbars existing in Draw, allow a simle data entry box, read the data 
entry, searching for the commas (,) as separators for the words, 
converting those words in metatags or simply tags, and then, flowchart 
all those words, creating automatically the flowchart.
Please, better watch the video, because you will see perfectly how the 
feature works.


PS. This feature has an important application for large corporations, 
researchers and universities, because allow to create very large 
diagrams, only typing text in a command line. Type, press Intro, 
flowchart. As easy as that.

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