Andrzej Hunt andrzej at
Tue Oct 1 12:42:38 PDT 2013

Hi Junior,

Unfortunately your patch includes a lot of unnecessary reformatting
(space indentation replaced with tab-stops),
specifically in it's impossible to see what has
changed since the whole file has had all space-indentation replaced with
tab-indentation (i.e. git thinks the whole file has been removed and

(There are also a few cases of lines with trailing space which the git
commit-hooks would usually complain about.)

No idea which editor/IDE you use, but if you could change back to space
indentation that would be hugely simplify reviewing the patch -- it
should probably be enough to configure it to use spaces for indentation
(four spaces per tab) and then reformat the file (I'm guessing you might
be using Eclipse?) which would remove most of the reformatting in the



On Tue, 2013-10-01 at 14:49 -0300, Junior Cesar Oliveira wrote:
> I declare that all of my past & future contributions to LibreOffice
> may be licensed under
> the MPL/LGPLv3+ dual license.
> Hello, the patch is attached to the resolution of bug 61570 SDremote
> project. The patch has been created for the following academic
> UTFPR-Brazil: Junior Cesar de Oliveira, Ana Claudia Maciel, Willyan
> Schultz Dworak.
> Junior.
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