About LANG for backtrace and console traces

Thomas Hackert thackert at nexgo.de
Thu Oct 3 23:56:55 PDT 2013

Good morning Julien,
On Donnerstag, 3. Oktober 2013 22:36 julien2412 wrote:
> I thought about changing wiki page
> to add LANG=C before getting backtrace and so replace:
> run soffice --backtrace
> by this:
> LANG=C;run soffice --backtrace
> The goal is to have all messages (console and bt) in English, the
> only problem is I'd like to "revert" "LANG=C" one the bt is
> retrieved.
> Any idea?

why not simply setting it back again to your wanted language ;? 
Something like "LANG=FR_fr", and in the Wiki you can write something 
To set your language back to your own language, do not forget to set 
the LANG variable to your language via "LANG=TLD_tld.
or something like that ... ;)

> Does it worth it?

It depends: For devs and/or QA it may be better to get the messages 
in English. For an normal user it would mean to do one addtional 
step ... ;)

> PS: I know it's not a dev question but it's quite related since
> console traces and bts are useful to debug.

For sure ... ;)
Have a nice day

... but hey, this is Linux, isn't it meant to do infinite loops in 5
		-- Jonathan Oxer in the apt-cacher ChangeLog

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